Image Showing An Adventurous and Wild Part of Africa

Travelling To The Wilds: Adventures in Africa Of A South Indian

The Call Of The Wilds Of Africa

I have always been a wanderer. First, it was foraying to nearby places around my South Indian city Tirunelveli and then it was exploring more far off lands. Africa is one continent that had captured my attention for long. I dare say, I am not the only one. For travel enthusiasts, it is a dream destination. From ample opportunities that don’t let the finger off from the shutter to chances of submersing in nature’s beauty, Africa is a gorgeous place to be.

But anyone who’s read Tirunelveli Today or any other travel site would know that journeying to a new land is not simple. You need some reference point to make your plans all the better. To that end, I bring you my experience of the wilds of Africa and the reasons why it is a must-visit place for everyone.

· Maasai Mara Is Indeed Exceptional
Africa and its Savannah wilderness have forever been synonymous in my mind. And it is one place that lives up to its expectation. A bit on the heavier side on the pocket, Maasai Mara is worth every penny I spent. From hot air ballooning to watching the tribal dance of the Maasai people, the Savannah was one unforgettable experience after another. Welcoming people, simple living, and culture you rarely get to see outside of Africa, the place indulges all the senses.

Image of Africa’s Tribals Enjoying In A Southern Valley

Organic But Luxurious Trip To Africa

Travel has become a bane for a lot of countries. Every other day, we hear of another beach being closed due to the waste produced by tourists. Africa is not one of those. The one part of my trip to the continent that stood out was sustainability. Throughout the massive and stunning land, every effort is made to keep all tourist activities sustainable and friendly to the planet.

One example is organic food. Most of the meals that I eat while camping under a billion stars were farm to table. Each dish was made from raw materials picked minutes before the meal, cleaned and cooked to perfect taste. Somehow the fresh produce helped me discover a world of flavours that I never knew existed. Here you may Check Out the lodges available details in africa.

  • Not Camping, Rather Glamping
    The one aspect of travelling to the great outdoors that had me a little worried was camping. While travelling is in my blood, I am a creature of comforts. But as ever, Africa surprised me, pleasantly. The continent is chock full of luxurious camps or as they call it glamping. From treehouses that put a lot of regular homes to shame to camps that spread across riverbeds, Africa offered every opulence possible to me.

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience For Animal Lovers

Wildlife Becomes A Constant Companion In Africa

Whether I was walking down a lane with my guide or sleeping in a tent, wildlife was a constant companion. It is true when they say that you don’t come back from Africa without saying a hi to the Big Five. And no, I don’t mean corporations, but the five most majestic animals of nature:
· Lion
· Leopard
· Rhinoceros
· Elephant
· Cape buffalo

I choose to make a pitstop at Serengeti, one of the richest reserve or wildlife on our planet, and the sight of a pride of lions walking fiercely is one that will stay with for a long time.

· Safaris Are A Must
I’ve had the pleasure of going on a few safari rides in my life, but the one Africa offered was genuinely unique. A new fad in the continent, Horseback Safaris are an experience of their own class. The feeling of galloping across a wide span of land with elephants, giraffes, and zebras galloping along is indescribable. Any words I write will pale in comparison to the emotions the safari wrought.

All I can say is that the trip to Africa changed my perspective on life. For anyone who wishes to experience something truly incredible, the continent is a must-visit.

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