About Us

Tropical Breeze Safaris have the stellar reputation of being one of Africa’s top safari tour operators. We cater to private as well as corporate sectors and even make custom itineraries as per our client’s desires. Our staff is well trained in creating a safari that you will not forget for a long time to come. We will cover all aspects of the safari starting from travel arrangements, accommodations to special leisure activities. We at Tropical Breeze Safaris believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

The wildlife in Kenya has exotic creatures that will have you mesmerised as you get to observe them in their natural habitat. Here you will see the animals and humans living side by side with respect for one another. With the proper guides, you need not have any fear as you watch these beasts roam about in their full glory. Leave the beaches to the meek hearted and go on a safari with Tropical Breeze Safaris to see how the other half lives.

Kenya is a land filled with wonders. The different tribes decked up in all their finery is a view that you will not find anywhere else. The north and south part of Kenya are as different as day and night. It will have you wondering whether you are still in the same country at all. If you would like to spend a day at the beach after facing some majestic lions at the safari, Kenya has the beautiful beaches just for you. The coastline that stretches for miles is filled with white sand that contrasts beautifully with the turquoise ocean. The exquisite Island of Lamu is another sight that you will definitely not want to miss on your trip to Kenya.

We at Tropical Breeze Safari will give you the ultimate Kenyan experience by planning out a night under the stars and fishing at Lake Baringo and even track rhinos. You can also experience collaring a lion firsthand if you are up for more adventure. A trip to Kenya will change your life as you feel the deep bond with nature. Most of our customers come back for a visit once they have experienced Kenya in its truest form.

If you plan on having a more luxurious trip in Kenya, we can help you plan that too. We offer helicopter rides up to Lake Turkana that will have you awestruck at its beauty n the glazing sun. Our staff at Tropical Breeze Safaris has located prime spots in Kenya that are hidden away from tourists to help you get in touch with the real Kenya. We also have several leisure activities planned out for our guests to have a relaxing time as they soak in the beauty of nature all around them. So stop fiddling and book your trip today to enjoy that special bond of nature!